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Letter to the Editor


January 24, 2019

Dear Editor,

Do we have a governing body of the people, by the people and for the people?

I do not think so. What we do have is a man trying to save our country from rack and ruin which was enacted by a predecessor; an individual who held the office for eight years and made the statement in a radio interview that he would bring the USA down to his county’s level.

The man who was elected to lead our country back from ruin is being harassed, belittled and charged with so many counts of misconduct and bad judgment in office.

Where were all those supposed concerned elected officials, special groups, over active individuals and paid troublemakers when our government was being torn down by useless executive orders the like of which in total numbered more than any preceding president’s wildest activity? We are not the only country having these problems.

In my early childhood, my father was active in national and local politics; I can remember that, when the elections were over, all parties and patrons worked for the good of our country at both federal and local levels; all worked for the good of the people.

We also had no trouble with foreign immigrants sneaking into our country and hiding in untraveled places sponging off of our people’s earned benefits; plus ones coming here bring sicknesses foreign to our shores because we eliminated most many years ago.

Today, we are not the only country having these problems.

Stan Dodson



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