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Moorcroft Police Report


February 21, 2019

January 28 - February 10

On January 28, police received multiple phone calls from a male making comments about a female who lives in Moorcroft possessing and using methamphetamines. Claims were unfounded, and the male was advised to quit contacting the female and then was trespassed from her property. Nothing further at this time.

On January 30, police received a complaint of harassing phone calls. Officer made contact with the complainant and was unable to determine whether or not the complainant was actually receiving any calls. Nothing further at this time.

On January 30, police gave a driver a courtesy ride to the Coffee Cup as their diesel pickup had gelled up.

On January 30, police were notified of an intoxicated male walking along Highway 16 toward Moorcroft. Officer drove Highway 16 and was unable to locate anyone walking on roadway or in the ditch. Officer was stopped and told the male was walking along Country Lane. Officer drove Country Lane and did not see anyone walking although tracks in the snow indicated someone had been picked up in a vehicle. Nothing further.

On January 31, police assisted Moorcroft EMS on an emergency call.

On January 31, police were requested to do a welfare check on a local resident. Officer made contact with the resident, all was well.

On January 31, police were notified by a bus driver of a red light violation at the Moorcroft schools. Complainant stated that a pickup had driven past several of the buses at the school while their lights were on. Officer made contact with the driver and spoke with them about the complaint, the violation and the fines. Officer gave the driver a verbal warning for the violation.

On February 2, police provided backup to Wyoming Highway Patrol at mile marker 153 eastbound I-90.

On February 3, police received two phone calls in reference to welfare checks requested. Both times officer made contact with the subject and they were doing well.

On February 3, during a routine traffic stop for failure to signal it was determined that the driver was intoxicated. Driver was arrested for DUI and transported to Crook County Detention Center without incident.

On February 4, police were requested to conduct a welfare check on a female and a three-year-old child sleeping at a gas station in Moorcroft. Officer checked Coffee Cup, Diehl’s, Cozy Motel, the Rest Area and all over town. Officer was unable to locate any person or vehicle fitting the descriptions given. Officer was able to make contact with the female via phone and she was on her way to Newcastle. Nothing further.

On February 5, police were contacted by a local motel who stated that a renter had left paraphernalia behind in one of the rooms. Officer made contact with the owner and picked up the paraphernalia. The items were placed into evidence storage as found property.

On February 7, police were contacted by a resident who stated their neighbor’s dog jumped the fence and was acting aggressive. Officer spoke with the complainant and the owner of the animal about the issue. Owner advised they would speak with their neighbor about the incident. Officer advised the complainant and the owner to both get their animals licensed with the town and provide current rabies vaccinations.

On February 7, police were contacted in reference to a report of threats being made. Officer made contact with the complainant and gathered information in regards to the threats. Officer made contact with the subject making the alleged threats and advised them to stop contacting the complainant along with anyone else involved. Nothing further at this time.

On February 9, a local resident brought a dog to the Police Department and advised that the dog had been trying to get into Diehl’s Supermarket. Officer recognized the dog and was able to make contact with the owner. Owner picked up the dog at the police department when they returned home. Nothing further.

Stats: 14 traffic warnings, one animal issue, ten crosswalks/school zone patrols, 11 house watches, one traffic complaint, one background check, one VIN check, two assist to other agencies, one drug search, one fingerprinting, one threats report made, two suspicious activity, 22 business checks, four welfare checks, one public service, one stalking/harassment report, one DUI

Citations Issued: Benjamin J. Stratton, Gillette, WY, Speeding 26/20 – School Zone; Roy C. Kaiser, Akron, OH, Speeding 44/30; James A. Stengel, Casper, WY, Speeding 52/30


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