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Moorcroft Police Department

March 18 – April 7


April 11, 2019

On March 19, police were contacted in reference to a stray dog running loose in the area of Lomac Street. Officer located the dog and was able to take it back to its owner.

On March 19, officer observed two females yelling at each other at the intersection of Big Horn and Converse, one was in a vehicle the other was on the sidewalk. The woman walking was intoxicated and the woman in the pickup was attempting to give the intoxicated female a ride home. Officer spoke to all involved and intoxicated woman was given a ride home.

On March 19, officer assisted a motorist who locked their keys in their vehicle.

On March 20, police were notified of an alleged sexual assault of a minor. While speaking with the complainant it was discovered that the alleged assault took place in a different state. Complainant was advised to contact authorities in that jurisdiction. Nothing further.

On March 22, police were contacted in reference to a vehicle driving the wrong direction of the interstate headed westbound in the eastbound lane. Officer was unable to locate a vehicle driving on the interstate in the wrong direction.

On March 23, assisted Moorcroft EMS on an emergency call.

On March 24, police were notified of suspicious activity at Coffee Cup Fuel Stop. A male subject placed a black plastic cauldron with spices mixed inside, a rake, flashlight, Bluetooth speaker and a box all in a parking spot. After placing the items in the space, the subject left the area. After a few minutes the subject returned, placing a witch (Halloween decoration) next to one of the trash cans. Officer was able to identify the subject and made contact with them. They advised it was done as a prank and was not meant to scare anyone or cause harm. Nothing further at this time.

On March 24, police were contacted in reference to a stolen dog. When the officer arrived on scene, the animal was at the home. The owner advised that the dog was home and they no longer needed assistance.

On March 25, police were contacted in reference to a possible breaking and entering. Officer made contact with the complainant and checked the area. After a thorough check of the area the complaint was determined to be unfounded.

On March 25, police were contacted by the Moorcroft High School in reference to a juvenile who was caught with tobacco. Officer made contact with the juvenile and issued them a citation for Minor in Possession of Tobacco.

On March 26, police were contacted in reference to an assault that took place at the Moorcroft K8 school between students. Officer made contact with the complainant and the principal to gather all of the information. After taking all statements, officer will turn all the information over to the County Attorney’s Office for review.

On March 27, police were contacted in reference to a suspicious male who was harassing employees at a local business. Officer spoke to an employee at the business and advised what to do to attempt to keep the man out of their business and to keep him from calling. Officer also advised to contact police if the man shows up to the business again.

On March 28, a REDDI report was called into the Police Department. Officer responded and was unable to locate any vehicles matching the description given.

On March 31, police assisted a motorist in Diehl’s Supermarket who was having a problem with their car battery.

On April 2, police were contacted in reference to a structure fire. Officers arrived on scene and contacted the surrounding homes and advised of evacuation of those homes. Officer also stayed on scene and assisted Moorcroft Fire Department and DCI with their investigation.

On April 4, police were contacted by dispatch in reference to numerous 911 hang up calls coming from the same phone number and residence. Officer arrived at the residence and spoke with the owner. They stated their grandson had a phone but it didn’t work and handed the phone to the officer. Officer showed the owner how the phone had multiple calls to 911 on the log. Owner stated they would hide the phone. Nothing further.

On April 6, police received a REDDI report in reference to driver unable to maintain lane of travel on I-90. Officer was able to locate the vehicle as they exited I-90 and made contact with the vehicle and driver in the parking lot at Diehl’s Supermarket. While speaking with driver officer could detect no signs of impairment. Nothing further.

On April 7, police were asked to do an extra patrol on a residence due to someone driving a vehicle through their backyard. Officer will keep an eye on the residence to see if they are able to make contact with the person(s) driving on private property.

Stats: 30 traffic warnings, 18 crosswalks/school zone patrols, nine VIN check, one assist to other agencies, 11 extra patrols, one vehicle unlock, 29 business checks, four house watch, two animal issue, one assault, one fire, nine information reports, two juvenile issues, one public intoxication, one REDDI report, one sexual assault of a minor, five suspicious activity reports, two traffic complaints, one motorist assist, one trespassing report

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