More police for Jubilee


June 13, 2019

This year’s Jubilee is set to be a big gain for the businesses in Moorcroft and the surrounding areas, according to the council. Councilman Paul Smoot noted at Monday night’s meeting that his business is receiving around 15 calls daily for places to stay.

“I think it’s going to be a lot bigger crowd than we’re anticipating,” he said.

With homegrown singer Chancey Williams and his band playing Saturday night for the street dance, the predicted number of guests for the event has risen significantly.

Earlier in the year, Moorcroft Police Chief Doug Lundborg had been planning on hiring a couple more men for the event to ensure better coverage. However, the town is now anticipating between 2000 and 3000 people.

“If that’s the case,” said Councilman Ben Glenn, “A five-man deal might not be enough.”

Police Sergeant Bill Bryant reported that, after ascertaining the greater numbers expected, the chief is increasing the count of officers by twice that.

With the probable need for several extra uniformed officers for Jubilee, though, the question of cost arose, but the entire council agreed with Councilman Ben Glenn’s opinion: “I don’t want to shy away from it, I think it’s going to be a good thing – Whatever we need to do to help support it.”


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