Letter to the Editor


October 3, 2019

Dear Editor,

I am the homeowner, also referred to as “the neighbor” on the front page, above the fold, two column, large print headlined article of September 26. All of the information is from the voices of several individuals without any input from me.

Now, let me clear up a few facts for the article.

The “years ago” were many years before Glenn Construction occupied that property. The agreement was made by Ancil Sisson, the owner of the property I now own, Gill’s and Mayor Borthwick. Apparently, the agreement was verbal and a handshake. Mr. Sisson was given one unmetered water tap for allowing the line across his property.

Fast forward 40 plus years. Meter pits arrived, according to the article “in situ” a Latin term, but the meter for my property on Powder River Avenue and Glenn Construction across the alley are on the same water line. Who knew?

In June, I was informed the meter reading showed usage of tens of thousands of gallons of water. There must be a leak on my property. Property owner’s problem, town not responsible. I immediately went to check. In the house, not a drip. Had the line under the house checked, not a drip. I walked the property looking for a wet spot indicative of a leak, nothing. I was told by several there should be a lake with that volume of water. Where did that water go past my meter? Days later, a dedicated search found the water was going across the alley to Glenn Construction’s meter. Turn the water on over there and the meter on my property ran, too.

I consulted a contractor, was told digging was the way to find water lines. Was told the unmetered water tap was deteriorating and shouldn’t be used. I didn’t know there was a shut off for that line. I had a plumber look at it, he discovered the shut off. I believe the water pit meter was done wrong, nobody would listen. No longer my problem. No one from town maintenance talked to me until I joined the conversation in the alley. I solved my problem on my property, maintenance wasn’t interested, then they wanted me to solve theirs.

Shirley Nicolen



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