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Moorcroft Police Report

March 9 - 15


March 26, 2020

On March 9, police received a call about a possible suicidal male at the Coffee Cup. Officers searched the area for the man and were unable to locate anyone. Cell phone information showed the subject to be in the Gillette area. Transferred report to Gillette PD and Campbell County SO.

On March 9, Moorcroft Clinic called about a dog running at large growling at people coming to the clinic. Officer responded and found the dog in the yard of the owner. Contact with owner will be made to advise them to keep dog on their property.

On March 10, Gillette Animal Control called to report that a local resident had picked up a lost dog and would not return the dog to the rightful owners now that they were found. GAC advised officer that the resident had threatened to kill the dog before returning it to the owners. Officer contacted the resident who advised they were headed to GAC with the dog. GAC later contacted the PD to advise the dog was returned. Nothing further.

On March 10, Emergency Fund assistance was given to someone in need.

On March 12, police were contacted in reference to a two vehicle crash on N. Yellowstone Ave. Officer responded and took all of the information for the state crash report.

On March 13, police were contacted by a teenager who stated there was someone at their residence trying to get into the house and wouldn’t leave. Officer responded and made contact with the subject outside who stated they were asked to check on the kids by a parent, which Officers confirmed by text messages. Nothing further.

On March 14, police were notified of an alarm at a local business. Officer responded and did a perimeter check. All doors/windows were secure. False alarm.

Stats: Nine traffic warnings, one assist to other agency, one VIN checks, one suspicious activity, 12 extra patrols, one false alarm, one disturbance call, two animal issues, one emergency fund, one traffic crash, one suicide related issue, six crosswalks, 12 business checks

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March 16 - 22

On March 17, police were informed of a possible sexual assault. Officers began an investigation into the allegations.

On March 19, police gave emergency fund assistance to someone in need.

On March 20, police assisted Moorcroft EMS with a lift assist.

On March 21, police received a complaint of a nuisance – barking dogs. Officer went and spoke with the complainant. Officer searched the area and was unable to locate any barking dogs in the area. Nothing further at this time.

On March 21, police were contacted by a resident who was being harassed. Officer spoke with the complainant about the problem and explained how to avoid contact with the person harassing her. Nothing further at this time.

On March 21, police received a report of kids riding go carts on private property along with an animal complaint. Officer responded and spoke with the complainant about the issues. Officer was able to make contact with the parent of the kids riding go carts and advised them to stay off of others property or they could be cited for trespassing. Officer was unable to find the animal owner.

On March 21, police delivered 20 notices from Public Health to local businesses in reference to the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

On March 22, police were contacted regarding a couple of people causing a disturbance in Diehl’s Supermarket. Officer was able to make contact with the couple who stated they were having an argument. Officer spoke with them about their situation and gave them advise on where they could go for assistance. Nothing further.

Stats: Eight traffic warnings, one assist to other agency, five VIN checks, one suspicious activity, 11 extra patrols, one trespassing, one threat report, one animal issue, one emergency fund, one garbage can violation, one sexual assault , 20 paper services, 16 business checks

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