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Crook County Weed & Pest

Board Meeting – April 8, 2020


May 28, 2020

Crook County Weed & Pest

PO Box 7, 802 S. 11th Street

Sundance, WY 82729

Board Meeting – April 8, 2020

Checks written –March 31, 2020

The regular scheduled board meeting was held by conference call on a GoTo meeting because of the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Board Members logged in: LeRoy Curren, Chip Neiman, Kolby Wickwire, Vance Steedley and Wade Dennis.

Employees Logged in: Andrew Litzel and Kari Van Luvan

Others Logged in: Commissioner Kelly Dennis, later in the meeting Attorney Joe Baron

Chairman, LeRoy Curren called the regular Board Meeting of the Crook County Weed & Pest Board of Directors to order at 5:02 PM.

Wade Dennis made the motion to remove the word staffing from the prairie dog update portion of the March 11,2020 board meeting minutes. Motion seconded by Kolby Wickwire; minutes approved with corrections.

A motion was made by Kolby Wickwire to approve the expenditures in the amount of $15,251.00 on the Weed & Pest Account, and $0.00 on the Special Management Account, motion seconded by Chip Neiman. All ayes motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and filed for chairman so states.

Prairie Dog update: No update, nothing has been treated. Andrew talked to a few of the landowners and they are happy waiting until the fall when Rozol can be used again. Chip Neiman reported that he has had a landowner contact him in regards to his dogs, Andrew reported that they were treated in November.

Shop Shelving: Andrew has contacted Conesco storage and the shelving is ready to ship to us. Wade Dennis reported that due to the economy and Covid-19 that he is unsure if or when him and Dusty will be headed down that way for their business. If they go it will be at a much later date but due to the current situation it is unknown if they will even make it there.

Wade Dennis made the motion to approve Andrew purchasing the shelving and to pay the $1100.00 to have the company ship them to us. Chip Neiman seconded it and the motion passes.

Equipment Lease update- Geis Spraying is not sure if he is interested in leasing equipment. If he is interested it would be just for a day or two and on an occasional basis and it would be used just for Special Management purposes. If the need should arise him and Andrew will work out a reasonable contract.

Bid Review:

Highway bids: (Bid summaries attached to the minutes)

Wade Dennis moved to accept the bid from Coop’s Spray Service- Jay Cooper for the highways this spray season. Vance Steedley seconded it and the motion passes.

Chemical Bids:

Wade Dennis move to accept Van Diest Supply as our main supplier for this season, with Nutrien Ag and Helena Chemical as a back up suppliers to ensure that we get all of the chemicals needed for our landowners. Vance Steedley seconded it and the motion passes.

Employees update:

Seasonal Backpack crew- no applications have been received back. Hiring a crew will all depend on how things go with Covid-19. Holding a proper interview and training them properly could be an issue with the social distancing recommendations due to the virus.

Wade Dennis made the motion to give Andrew the authority to post an add and hire a seasonal crew. Chip Neiman seconded it and the motion passes.

At 5:47 Chairman LeRoy Curren had to step away from the meeting and Vice-Chairman Chip Nieman stepped in as Chair.

A discussion was held regarding the current Covid-19 situation and how to keep the staff safe, the office open for the landowners and how to handle salaries or lost wages. Andrew discussed some of the current recommendations made by our Commissioners and State officials regarding the pandemic. Some of the recommendations are working from home, keeping the office shut to the public, keeping two employees safe by not having them here at the same time and others.

Chairman LeRoy Curren resumed the chair at 6:43pm.

Commissioner Kelly Dennis gave an update on his take and opinion on the current recommendations set forth by the commissioners and how we should handle employees coming and going. He stated that he thinks it is a good idea to not have two of us in the office at the same time.

Due to the confusion Chip Neiman asked Andrew to contact Attorney Joe Baron and ask if he would be available to log in and join the meeting to clarify some issues.

While the board waited for Joe to join the meeting they continue on with the agenda and will revisit Covid-19 Hours of operation later in the meeting.

Supervisors Report:

The Private Applicators class that was to be held in Hulett on the March 17th, 2020 was cancelled along with the rest of the classes in the state. Those applicators that need to renew their license or obtain a new one can call the extension offices and take the test.

Spring Workshop March 31st-April 2nd was also cancelled but they were able to host several conference calls instead.

Andrew was able to attend the Black Hills Invasive Plant Partnership on March 12, 2020, we will receive approximately $3500.00 for work on Private land borders.

Andrew completed a grant application for a project on Green Mountain. He is hoping to receive around $10,000.00 to complete the project.

Attorney Joe Baron entered the meeting at 7:21 pm. Chairman LeRoy Curren asked Joe to talk about the county resolution regarding Covid-19.

Joe Baron reported that federal Bill was put into effect April 1, 2020, that shows that the Weed and Pest is considered part of the county, giving us the right to use the current FMLA act that was just passed from April 1, 2020- December 31, 2020.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding how to get Andrew and Kari hours in the office and how to pay them during this pandemic.

Chairman LeRoy Curren had to step out of the meeting at 8:25 pm and Vice Chairman Chip Neiman took over as chair. Discussion of the pandemic and personnel hours continued.

Wade Dennis moved to give Andrew the authority to control the hours of the Weed and Pest office for himself and the employees and when they can be at the office. To work with Joe Baron to make sure that all employees are covered under the FMLA act. Vice Chairman calls for a second three times, hearing none the motion fails.

Wade Dennis called to go in to executive session, Vice Chairman declines the motion because it would not be feasible to ensure proper protocol due to the fact that we are on a GoTo Meeting in a public format.

Wade accepts the chairman’s decision under protest.

Vance Steedley made the motion to pay Kari and Andrew, 40 hours a week without overtime, leaving it up to the discretion of Andrew to decide who works and when as long as he ensures that the essential duties of the office are properly performed. Kolby Wickwire seconded it and motion carried with 1 apposed.

Vance Steedley made the motion to reimburse both Andrew and Kari the hours of paid time off they used during the March 16th through March 31st pay period for the time they used for Covid-19 reasons only, and to base the reimbursement off of their paychecks and hours already submitted. Wade Dennis seconded it and motion passes.

Wade Dennis made the request that by the next board meeting copies of the pay stubs be submitted with the actual hours of reimbursement for verification.

Commissioner Kelly Dennis recommended that we keep good documentation of our Covid-19 hours and pay because later on there may be some possibilities of reimbursement made and documentation could play a key factor in that amount of reimbursements. Attorney Joe Baron agreed and the board requested we document as much as possible.

Chairman LeRoy Curren returned at 9:05 pm and thanked Joe and Kelly for attending the meeting.

Wade Dennis moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 PM, Vance Steedley seconded and the motion passes.

Respectfully submitted Kari Van Luvan

Attested Kolby Wickwire


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