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Moorcroft Police Report

August 24 - 30


September 3, 2020

On August 25, police assisted two motorists that were lost trying to find their way around the closed railroad crossings.

On August 25, police received a traffic complaint on a semi-truck that had run a vehicle off of the road. Officer contacted the semi driver who provided the officer with a copy of their dash camera footage. Upon review of the camera footage it was determined that the driver did not run the vehicle off the road. Nothing further.

On August 25, police were notified by dispatch that a 911 call had come in for a man who was lost while trying to walk home. Officer made contact with the man who was intoxicated. Officer gave the man a courtesy ride home.

On August 25, police were called to a residence by a parent who wanted officers to speak with their child about acting out and consequences to the negative behavior. Officer spoke with the juvenile about the issues they are having. Officer will keep in contact.

On August 26, police received a call about a missing juvenile female. After a short time, officers made contact with the juvenile female who was taken home.

On August 30, police were contacted about a runaway. Officers spoke to the parents of the juvenile about the situation. While there, the parents received a call regarding their child who was at a friend’s house. Officers continued to speak with the parents about the situation and offered assistance if they needed it. Nothing further at this time.

On August 30, police received a call from dispatch regarding a traffic complaint. Officer was able to find the vehicle and make contact with the driver who was advised of the complaint. Driver showed no signs of impairment but stated they were tired. Officer advised them to find somewhere to stay for the night and to not drive until they were able to sleep. Nothing further.

Stats: 20 traffic warnings, three assist to other agencies, seven crosswalk, two traffic complaints, two public services, one courtesy ride, one juvenile issue, one missing person, eight traffic warnings

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