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General Election: Introducing your candidates


October 22, 2020

November’s general election is a chance for you, the voter, to decide who would best represent your interests and needs on the boards and districts that keep Crook County running. From the schools to the museums, you will be asked to make your choices for a wide range of local seats.

Your candidates this year include:

School District: Hulett Area

Brian Neiman

“I am a lifelong Crook County resident. I believe that the community coming together can make our schools the best. We need input from not only the staff of CCSD #1, but parents, businesses and community members alike. I understand that we will not all agree on the issues, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come together and make a change for the better of our children. I look forward to the opportunity to work for you and with you, for our kids and their future.” 

Shane Wolf

“My name is Shane Wolf and I reside in Crook County on my family’s ranch with my wife Katie and our two-year-old son Trenton. I am running for the school board position because I think it is important to be involved in the community I live in. My son will use the public school system, therefore I have a vested interest in the education of current and future Crook County students. The current board has shown good leadership throughout this pandemic and economic downturn, and I would like to work with the board to continue to help with these issues going forward.”

School District: Moorcroft Area

Thayne Gray

“I am running for the school board seat for Moorcroft. I have served on the school board for 1.5 terms. I grew up in Moorcroft, went to the University of Wyoming and got a degree in mechanical engineering. I have a ranch and an engineering consultant business. I have had 4 children go through the Moorcroft School. My goal is to put children first, and be as transparent in my dealings that I am allowed to be by law.”

School District: Sundance Area

Heith Waddell

Dr. Heith Waddell, is a medical professional who serves patients in the emergency room, nursing home, acute care and clinic at Sundance Hospital. He is a fifth generation Wyomingite. He completed his undergraduate studies in Billings, MT with a BS in biology, chemistry and equine science and received his medical education from Flinders University of South Australia with a focus on family and rural Medicine, with residencies at Nepean Hospital in Penrith, Australia and Rapid City Regional Hospital. Waddell was selected by the board to fulfill the unexpired term of an outgoing trustee in December 2018. He hopes to continue serving the community and the youth of Crook County as a School Board Trustee.  

Dave Jagemann

“I’ve been a resident of Sundance for the past 12 years after being born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I also have taught as a substitute teacher in the Crook and Campbell county school districts for the past ten years. My interest in pursuing a position on the Crook County School Board comes from my interest in the well-being of children and learning. The mental and social aspects of learning are my passion and of primary importance. I would consider it an honor to serve on this board on your behalf.”

Hospital District: Hulett Area

Connie Lindmier

Connie Lindmier has served on the board since 2012 with the goal of bringing continued improvements to the district and promoting quality of care and respect for patients. Lindmier grew up in Hulett, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Wyoming in consumer education and a Master of Science in clothing and textiles. From 1974 to 2000, she owned and ran CNL Clothiers, a historic clothing business that produced clothing for such things as movies (including “City Slickers” and “The Patriot”), museums and re-enactment groups. Following that, she worked in the health and wellness industry and contracted with the Wyoming National Guard Museum to catalogue their museum collection.

Hospital District: Moorcroft Area

Ed Ray

“I have lived in Moorcroft for about the last 16 years and have been in this neck of the woods most of my life. I was born in Sundance but moved in between Douglas and Lusk as my Dad worked in the oil field, so I went to school in Converse County but moved to Upton after graduation and also worked in oil field until it dropped in mid 80s. I moved to Texas for a short time then moved back and went to work for Black Hills Power at the power plant and have been there 27 years. I am running for the hospital board as I have seen its ups and downs as a citizen and would like the opportunity to try to keep it on the upside as it is now. We have great staff that go above and beyond for our community. So I’m asking for your help to make our health care a great place for our little community.”

Hospital District: Sundance Area

Mark Erickson

“I am Mark Erickson, current CCMSD Board member. I have worked for 40+ years in healthcare and recently retired. We’ve made great strides last four years: no more fees to an out-of-state management firm, $500k annual savings, a CEO who was born and raised in Crook County and is now a direct employee of CCMSD. The district is now on solid financial standing. First and foremost in healthcare, the focus should always be on safe patient outcomes, as our staff proves daily. As a fiscal conservative, I believe we don’t need to raise taxes, we must learn to work with our current facility. New hospitals are nice when the time and monies are right. Let’s keep the wheels on the wagon.”

Brent Fowler

“I am 63 years old and the owner of Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods. I am running for the medical board because I would like to work at keeping our medical care at the high standard it currently is. The current medical board members seem to be in a stagnant place. I’d like to bring about the change that is needed to keep our medical facilities from disintegrating. We can’t keep patching it up, assuming that will keep it together for years to come. I will work towards growth in our medical community.”

Museum District: Director

Neal Gray

“I was born and raised on a ranch south of Moorcroft. After a 40-year career in Montana, I retired back to the ranch with my wife Dee. We started an antique business from scratch here in Moorcroft and are enjoying working with people from northeast Wyoming as customers and suppliers of antiques. I have served on the Crook County Museum Board for four years and have helped get the board operating on a more efficient basis. The biggest challenge facing this board today is finishing the restoration of Old Stoney as a museum and a business center. It is my belief that Crook County should not own this building forever, and the sooner we can get Old Stoney functioning as an independent entity, the better it will be for everyone involved. Crook County has three great museums and I look forward to serving again if elected.”

Peggy K. Howard

“I am endorsed in library media and feel I would be essential for the museum board as a member. I have lived in Sundance or Crook County for 35 years. My husband Ray and I raised one son, Lucas, in Crook County. I am a born-again Christian. I graduated from Black Hills State University, South Dakota, with a BS in education and have taught for 23 years. I am semi-retired at present.”

Pam Thompson

Born in Rapid City, Thompson was schooled in Spearfish and graduated from Southern Utah University with a BS in history and a minor in fine art. Thompson moved around the southwest for many years due to husband Hugh’s career with the Forest Service. She now lives near Aladdin and has been a director for the museum board since its inception in 2006, overseeing projects such as Old Stoney, the rescue of Moorcroft’s museum when it was about to close and introducing a museum to Hulett. Thompson believes that losing history means losing a community and works to keep the county’s museums healthy so as to keep Crook County’s history alive and breathing.

Melanie Wilmer

“I am running for the museum board to keep our county history intact for generations to come. We have exceptional museums with dedicated and knowledgeable curators around the county that preserve the county’s rich history. I am currently employed by Crook County and have been for the last 6.5 years. During this time, I have written and managed grants, and worked with department budgets and elected officials. I have responded to emergencies such as the 2016 fire season and COVID-19, managed volunteers, and held planning meetings. I am an American Red Cross volunteer available in emergency situations. I would appreciate your vote for museum board, thank you!”

Natural Resource District:

Rural Member

Wayne W. Garman

“I am seeking reelection as a Rural Supervisor for the Crook County Natural Resource District. It is my belief that those involved in agriculture are some of the best caretakers of natural resources. My family and I operate a commercial cow/calf operation and it has been, and continues to be, my goal to promote and preserve the way of life that so many of us love. Our programs help landowners implement water quality improvements, cover crops, thinning and wildfire prevention projects. I am passionate about the conservation of Crook County and appreciate your support.”

Natural Resource District:

Rural Member

Kim Fundaun

“I’m a lifelong educator of the life sciences with 40 years’ experience and feel well educated in the workings of the natural world. I’ve got the interest, knowledge, experience and the time to commit to the Crook County Natural Resource District.”

Natural Resource District:

Urban Member

No Candidate Filed

Natural Resource District:

At-Large Member

Lily Altaffer

“I became a Board Supervisor with the Crook County Natural Resource District in 2015 because I believe we can influence change in our ‘backyard’ by becoming involved in an organization that educates, assists, and meets the needs of resource users. I utilize my experience to ensure the District’s programs improve forest health and water quality, reduce hazardous waste, enhance soil health and conserve our natural resources. I am particularly passionate about our electronic recycling program, of which we have collected 45,000 pounds of electronic waste. I appreciate your support to continue as a Board Supervisor.”

Senior Citizens Service District: Trustee

Bonnie J. Beaudoin

“I have lived in Sundance since 1964. I have been an active senior citizen for the past 20 years. I have served on all three of our Sundance and Crook County senior boards. The one mill that we are asking our citizens to support is very important to keep our programs going and to keep our seniors in their own homes. This one mill will help our Crook County seniors receive respite care, homemaking, gatherings, rides to and from doctor appointments or grocery shopping and their meals. Each client’s payment for the care is based on their income. When people come to the senior center for their meals, it is like a camaraderie amongst the people. They can visit as long as they like and one of our staff will pick them up and take them home.”

Marcia Havner

“Crook County Senior Services offers programs and assistance to many residents in our county. With a ‘yes’ vote for a mill levy, these services will be able to continue. My goal as a longtime resident is to dispense these monies in a way to best serve our seniors. I chose to have and raise my children here in Crook County. They chose to settle and raise their families here. So now, I am enjoying my retirement by volunteering and giving back to my community. I’m Marcia ‘Marcy’ Havner. I live in Sundance with my husband, Nathan, and my mother, Carolyn Farnum. My children, Tess and Ian Policky, also live in Crook County.”


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