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MK-8 students honor veterans


November 19, 2020

As a project to honor local veterans, MK-8 English and language teacher Katie Williams’ classes wrote original poems for Veterans Day last week. The following students and their works won the competition for the best poems written in their respective class.

Eighth Grade: Tylla Gerry

We thank those here today and mourn the ones still seas away,

With power and strength you took the call, winning the war for one and all.

The years that you served and lives you preserved,

They will never forget what they got and deserved.

The tears we have shed, the lives we have lost,

We will never be able to repay the cost.

On every day, of every year, we thank you all for your career

Army, air force, navy, marines,

We thank you all for those tragic scenes.

You sailed, you rode, you walked, you flew

All to save the red, white and blue.

Without you heroes, what would we be,

Without all of you who would we look up to see?

We honor you all, the young and the old,

The battles you fought, no choice but behold

With you going out there risking your lives,

The least we could do was say our goodbyes.

You gave us freedom we have here today,

Fighting in a war is not child's play

You are the reason the flag is still here,

whether you're far or whether you're near,

You risked your lives for your homeland

All of us can’t begin to understand,

The courage, the pride, and honor it takes,

To continue to fight through your mistakes,

With the glory you have and the freedom you gave us

To all of you who have gone and have past

I finally get to thank you all at last.

For serving, for fighting, for risking your lives,

Saving our country so no one else dies

On November 11th we thank you all

For serving for fighting, for answering the call

For the ones who are here and the ones who are not,

We thank you all for when you have fought

So now I can stand here and proudly say,

Thank you, Happy Veterans Day!

Seventh Grade: Madeline Sasse

We want to honor and thank the veterans here

And those who died with braveness and fear

They gave up everything so we can be free

All for our safety and our country

The freedom we have and the way we are living

Wouldn’t have happened if the veterans weren’t giving

Those who fought so brave and strong

Through the day and all night long

While those at home shed their tears

Veterans serve and fight through many years

Many served, fought, bled, and died

Their friends and family cried with pride

Hard times and war fought courageous and true

With a standing flag, shining red, white and blue

Rough times and battle is finally past

Home again with family at last

We want to remember Veterans Day

And the veterans we want to say,

Thank you again and please rise to stand,

Put your hand over your heart and face the flag so grand

Thank you, veterans!

Sixth Grade: Pyper Humpal


They gave their lives for us to live,

Oh the amount of thanks I give.

They fought on strange and foreign shores,

Also in long and brutal wars.

You are so true, red, white and blue,

We couldn’t do it without you.

We appreciate all you have done,

With a telephone, pencil or gun.

Service and sacrifice,

For us, they paid a price.

Nothing can stop you soldier,

Even as you grow older.

Sixth Grade: Ali Jane Harr

Oh, our veterans are so true. Oh and how they love the ol’ red, white and blue

When things get rough, they just simply stay tough.

And when they fall, they get back up and stand up tall.

They always stay loyal, even if it starts a toil.

And at the end of the day when the fog and dust clear, they're the ones who still stand, for our

Beautiful land.

Soldiers young, and soldiers old, all have fought for freedom, brave and bold. Some soldiers

have lived, and some soldiershave died, but all of them deserve our pride .

Army trenches, bombs and death, they have seen it all, still they manage not to quit, not until

they fall.

Our freedom was not free, but still you gave it willingly.

We all love you, and that’s oh so true. Thank you veterans for all you do.


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