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Strata Energy, Inc. of

Oshoto, Wyoming has

applied for an amendment

of its Source Material License

(WYSUA-1601, Amendment

11) from the Land Quality

Division of the Department

of Environmental Quality.

The license area for the

mining of uranium is located

in: all or parts of Sections 7,

17, 18 and 19 of Township

53 North, Range 67 West

and all or parts of Sections

12, 13, and 24 of Township

53 North, Range 68 West,

Crook County, Wyoming.

The Ross ISR Project is

approximately 23 miles north

of Moorcroft, Wyoming and

within the upper reaches

of the Little Missouri River

drainage. This area can

be found on the Oshoto

USGS 7.5’ Topographic

Quadrangle Map of Crook

County, Wyoming. The

mining operation began

in December 2015 and is

estimated to continue until

2033. The land, after mining,

will be returned to grazing,

agriculture (crop production),

and industrial uses. The

amendment includes

modifications to License

WYSUA-1601 to allow the

use of retention ponds for

liquid source material and

associated solids at the Ross

ISR Project.

h e D e p a r t m e n t o f

Environmental Quality has

issued an initial draft decision

to approve the license

amendment application.

Information regarding this

initial draft decision and the

application may be reviewed

in the office of the Land Quality

Division of the Department

of Environmental Quality

in Cheyenne, Wyoming, or

the Crook County Clerk’s

Office, Sundance, Wyoming.

A revised application with

track changes/track bars

identifying all proposed

changes is included with

the amendment application

available for public viewing

along with the initial draft

decision. Written comments

or objections to the proposed

license amendment must be

received by the Administrator

of the Land Quality Division

of the Department of

Environmental Quality, 200

West 17th Street, Suite

10, Cheyenne, WY 82002,

before the close of business,

October 8, 2022. Objections

may also be submitted by

the same deadline via the

Land Quality Division’s

electronic comment portal

at http://lq.wyomingdeq. Only

the amendment is open for

public review. If an objection

specifically requests a public

hearing with the Department

and is found to be made by an

aggrieved party as defined

in W.S. §35-11-103(a)(vii), a

public hearing shall be held

after the final date for filing

objections. The Wyoming

Oil and Gas Commission

will be mailed a copy of the

application mine plan map

as required in W.S. §35-11-


Publish: August 18, 25,

September 1 and 8, 2022

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