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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

The Commissioner meeting dates in August will be moved to Monday, August 5th and Tuesday, August 6th due to the statutory requirement to pass the Mill Levy on the first Monday in August.

Kelly moved to approve and for the chairman to sign an Annual Compensation Agreement between the University of Wyoming and Crook County for an Extension Professional. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to approve and ratify the minutes from June 4, 5 & 17, 2024. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to approve Special Improvement District Instruction and Approval Forms and Special Improvement District Assessment Request Forms for Sundance Canyon Ranch Improvement and Service District and for Kara Circle and Windy Improvement and Service District. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to approve a grant agreement between Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division and Crook County – Community Prevention Grant for $213,580.00. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following bills were presented to the Board:

Claimant-Description-Amount Allowed: Total Wages and Cell Phone Stipend--$285,600.61;AFLAC-Insurance-$2,671.64;Clerk of the District Court-Garnishment-$226.00;Crook County Payroll Tax Account-Withholding & Social Security-$86,680.64;Great-West Trust Company, LLC-Deferred Compensation-$4,530.00;NCPERS Wyoming-Life Insurance-$144.00;New York Life Insurance Company-Life Insurance-$379.78;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$6,347.58;Wyoming Retirement System-Retirement-$66,089.61;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance-$94,191.88;A & B Business Inc-Copies & Maint Agreement-$444.00;Alsco-Shop & Courthouse Supplies-$473.67;April D. Gill-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;Architectural Specialties LLC-Trailer Rental; Parts & Labor-$2,473.51;AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone-$1,007.14;Bear Lodge Motel -Room Rental-$50.00;Big Horn Tires Inc.-Tires; Parts & Labor -$3,552.47;Black Hills Chemical Co.-Courthouse Supplies -$557.24;Black Hills Energy-Electricity -$35.23;Blakeman Propane Inc -Propane-$1,338.33;BN Doors LLC-Service-$135.00;Bob Barker Company -Jail Supplies -$87.28;Bomgaars-Plants-$189.94;Brannan Trucking Inc -Contract Hauling -$19,770.00;Carol Stutzman-Mileage-$255.87;CBH Co-op-Fuel-$22,288.49;CDS Supplies-Hardware-$28.77;Centurylink-E911 Telephone-$1,399.78;Charm-Tex Inc -Jail Supplies -$1,203.60;City of Gillette-Water-$7.50;City of Sundance-Water & Permit-$1,688.89;CML Security -Intercom -$700.00;Colin Shamion Trucking -Contract Hauling -$8,435.81;Collins Communications-Fire Alarm Monitoring -$611.00;Communication Technologies Inc -Radio, Antenna & Coax-$2,100.40;Contractors Supply Inc -Parts-$1,876.28;Croell Inc-Road Base-$3,201.32;Crook County Medical Services Dist.-Inmate Food & Meals -$9,076.01;Crook County Treasurer-Postage-$42.71;Crook County Weed & Pest-Glyphosate & Milestone-$685.00;David Osborne-Mileage-$105.59;Decker’s Market-Supplies -$114.64;Department of Workforce Services -Worker’s Compensation-$20.57;Devils Tower VFW Post 4311-Flag Program -$35.00;DNA Fabrication & Repair-Parts & Labor -$377.53;Dru Consulting LLC-Consulting Services -$625.00;Election Systems & Software -Ballot Stock -$107.33;Employment Testing Services Inc -Drug Testing -$589.00;ET Sports LLC-Labor -$329.20;Fence Tech Services LLC-Fencing-$3,903.80;Fisher Sand & Gravel -Gravel -$811.93;Floyds Truck Center -Part-$101.72;Forestry Suppliers-Supplies -$2,953.00;Git-R-Done Site Services Inc -Tank Service-$650.00;Glaxosmithkline-Vaccine-$2,391.57;Good Electric Inc-Parts & Labor -$32,185.73;HDR Engineering Inc -Professional Services-$1,216.84;Heimans Fire Equipment-Parts-$8,452.17;Heritage-Cabinets-$5,272.50;Hills Products Group Inc -Lumber-$1,666.56;Horner Industries Inc -Stand-$100.00;Horning Horning & McGrath LLC-Court Appointed Attorney-$418.00;Hub Int’l Mountain States LTD-Endorsement-$276.00;Humphrey Law LLC -Court Appointed Attorney-$1,338.97;Intab LLC-Seals-$97.58;Interstate Power Systems Inc -Parts & Labor -$1,493.89;Iron Creek Services LLC-Contract Hauling -$3,685.00;Jacobson Tool LLC-Parts-$512.75;Jeffrey Hodge-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;Julie Crawford-Mileage-$249.24;Kelly B. Dennis-Mileage-$160.80;Kimball Midwest-Parts-$2,158.63;KLH Consulting Inc-Computer Services-$17,980.63;Knecht Home Center of Spearfish LLC-Potting Supplies -$74.32;Kone Inc -Maint Contract-$2,073.72;KYDT-FM-Radio Adverts-$504.00;Kyle Shamion Trucking -Contract Hauling -$7,822.83;Lakeview Wash & Storage -Car Washes-$219.21;Marco Technologies LLC-Copy / Maint Fee-$65.92;Max Robert Masters-GIS Consulting & Mapping Contract-$3,400.00;Michael R Frolander-Mileage -$519.25;Monument Health-Morgue Use -$500.00;Morgan Ellsbury-Truck Lease-$1,100.00;Motorola Solutions Inc -Radio-$4,319.11;NAE4HYDP-Registration-$495.00;National Fire Fighter Corp-Parts-$2,254.35;North Central International Inc -Belt Safety -$451.46;Office of State Lands & Investments-Lease-$359.70;PIX4D-Software License -$8,629.00;Plainsman Printing Inc -Office Supplies-$700.76;Powder River Energy Corp.-Electricity -$5,285.03;Powder River Heating & AC-Parts & Labor -$15,428.00;Print Mark-et-Supplies -$1,092.38;Professional Dispatch Management -Training -$295.00;Quality Agg & Construction, Inc-J Base-$1,856.41;Quill Corporation -Office Supplies-$242.77;Range Telephone Cooperative Inc-Telephone -$6,850.05;Raquel Croell-County Website Maintenance-$500.00;Redwater Welding -Parts-$3,980.00;Revize LLC-Tech Support-$1,975.00;Ringer Law PC-Court Appointed Attorney-$370.00;Rolling Metal Sinclair-Fuel-$141.05;Runnings Supply Inc -Parts-$1,246.49;Safeguard Business Systems-Checks-$424.03;Scott Peterson Motors Inc -Vehicle Repair -$557.87;Shamion Trucking -Contract Hauling -$7,063.81;Sign Solutions-Signs-$206.21;Sir Speedy-Notices-$506.93;Sirchie Acquisition Co LLC-Ink Pads-$126.35;Skydio Inc -Spotlight -$206.73;State of Wyoming -Mainframe User Access-$32.92;Stewart Trucking LLC-Contract Hauling -$7,171.39;Sturgis Responder Supply Inc -Vest-$825.00;Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Parts & Supplies-$1,277.66;Sundance State Bank -Direct Deposit Fees-$10.53;Sundance Times-Ads, Legal Publications & Subscriptions & Notary Stamp-$4,510.20;Superior Sanitation -Servicing & Disposal -$125.00;Svoboda Trucking -Contract Hauling -$4,769.13;Sylvestri Customization-Meetings & Training -$3,000.00;Timberline Services Inc -Contract Hauling -$11,441.30;Top Hat Communications-Fax Machine setup-$206.25;Top Office Products, Inc.-Copies & Toner -$507.91;Town of Hulett-Water & License -$137.30;Town of Moorcroft-Water-$68.68;Tracy Motor Company-Parts & Supplies-$5,738.92;University of Wyoming -Mileage-$1,079.12;Varitech Industries Inc-GPS Sensor -$600.82;Vilas Pharmacy-Jail Meds-$90.97;Visa-Adobe, Supplies, Vaccine, Postage, Travel Expenses, Parts, Registration Fees, Cable, Internet, Straight Talk, -$12,831.92;WACO-Registration-$250.00;Warehouse 21-Ad Design-$450.00;Wells Plumbing & Farm Supply -Parts-$100.29;Wendy Depina-Mileage-$151.42;Western Stationers-Paper-$1,389.37;Windstream-Telephone -$147.74;WLEA-ADVTMG-D.O.Basic-$782.75;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$570.00;WY Office of Guardian Ad Litem-Gal Fees-$20,294.50;WY Retirement System-Firemen’s Retirement-$487.50;Wy Secretary of State -Notary -$60.00;Wyoming Behavioral Institute-Medical-$1,508.00;Wyoming County Assessors Association-Dues & Banquet-$280.00;Wyoming Machinery Company-Parts & Labor-$43,710.26;Total-$927,774.34;

Kelly moved to allow all bills as presented. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following monthly collections were collected:

County Clerk $17,299.25

County Sheriff $36,234.25

Clerk of District Court $4,238.00

Circuit Court $11,523.00

Public Health (May) $6,303.34

Facilities $580.00

Bob moved to approve and for the chairman to sign a Memorandum of Understanding Between The Wyoming Office of Guardian Ad Litem and Crook County, Wyoming. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jim Brandenburg was presented a certificate for his 36 years of service to Crook County on his retirement.

Dan Thomas, County Assessor, Joseph Baron, County Attorney, Julie Crawford, Clerk of District Court, Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff and Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer were present to go over items of interest within their departments.

Dan Thomas, County Assessor: In June there were 48 transfer of ownership deeds. The Assessor’s office is conducting normal sweep field reviews in Hulett. I attended some meetings last month for Department Heads, WCAA, and SBOE. My county valuation was approved by the SBOE. I helped with the budget process as well as my own offices budget. I am gathering names for a mass mailer of the Long-Term Homeowners Exemption applications when we receive them. I have Summer Association meetings next week the 8th-12th.

Joe Baron, County Attorney: Criminal Cases in the past month: New Cases: 44 Closed Cases: 52 Current Case Load: 73 In Court: 69 times Juvenile/Diversion Cases: 44 Work on Criminal cases. Review new bond schedules, new case law and as always was on call evenings and weekends. Attend commissioners meeting, Court Security meeting, Department head meeting. Review and assist Improvement District. Reviewed and advised Planning Board and Staff on subdivision and permitting matters, and County Officers. Met on budget. Reviewed Title 25 matters and billing. Worked on Employee Handbook modifications, Assessment Appeal in District Court, county road issues, Franchise agreement for Spectrum. Reviewed previous objections to Devils Tower name change. Continued working on proposed road vacations on Road No. 38, 51, 197 and other road easement matters.

Melissa Jones, County Clerk: made 351 titles, recorded 596 documents. Programed, proofed and received our paper ballots, have all our election judges set, took an online Narcan training and all employees attended a suspicious mail training with EMC, attended Clerk’s meetings via Zoom, work on County budget, meet with Fair Board members to work on Fair budget, worked on grants with department heads, hosted a retirement representative for employees to meet with, completed the indigent burial reimbursement request, working on getting reimbursed for FNRPA funds, attended Compensation Committee and Department Head meetings.

Julie Crawford, Clerk of District Court: Total Receipts: $11,360.01 with $4,238.00 to the County 10 new case filings 23 record searches 6 new passports, assisted multiple other customers with renewal passports 2 civil appeals in process I attended the Clerks’ Summer Meeting in Casper. We saw the new program, DAPR, Digital Solution for Appealed Records, for filing appeals electronically which goes into effect July 15th. As of April 1st, there is a new court navigator program that is being piloted in Natrona County to help individuals navigate through the court processes and process service. Attorneys volunteer to help people with domestic relations cases, forcible entry and detainer and protection orders. They are providing both in person and remote services. The Governor appointed Mike McGrady as our 4th District Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District. He is scheduled to begin working on July 15th. I also attended a special child support authority board meeting via teams, a courtroom security meeting, three teams meetings with the Supreme Court and the Clerks’ Association regarding e-filing, attended the budget work session, employee compensation committee meeting the department heads meeting, where we worked on updating the county handbook.

Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff: presented monthly stats, newest dispatcher on her last leg of training and doing well, working on grant to obtain encrypted radios, discussed patrol in different areas of the County.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer: Total receipts were $2,783,091.39 and disbursements to the county boards, towns and schools were $3,260,717.35. In June we did a total of 1,997 transactions. We were a little slower but steady with the counter and mail. Worked on the county budget and entered May revenue on the budget worksheet. Met with Mel to work on the budget. I attended the special budget meeting. Also attend two virtual Taxwise meetings dealing with how the new legislation affects us; like the e-registrations and the property tax exemptions. I participated in the Employee Compensation Committee and Dept Head meetings.

County Commissioners: Bob: attended regular meetings, extra budget meetings, attended Hageman’s presentation in the Courthouse basement, took calls on roads & Weed & Pest. Kelly: Toured county roads all in pretty good shape. Fred: attended Zoom meetings on Forest Service, Old Growth, WCCA, & MRG Grant, attended in person the special budget meeting and the meeting in Campbell County regarding mining leases on federal lands, fielded questions on county roads.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer submitted the following monthly report of receipts and disbursements for month end June 2024:

Receipts: Property Tax $618,107.61

Sales Tax $201,722.84

Misc Receipts $1,758,168.18

County Auto $205,092.76

Total $2,783,091.39

Disbursements Towns $214,042.97

County Boards/Districts $478,645.09

State & Local School $2,320,825.57

DOT/DOR/Rebate $247,203.72

Redemption -

Total $3,260,717.35

Investments Wyo-Star $441,954.73 $1,617.94 May interest

Wyoming Class $3,288,355.89 $14,644.47 May interest

Dan Thomas, County Assessor, presented the following tax roll correction: P0112192. Bob moved to approve the tax correction as presented. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Alex Jessen, Chairman and Tammy Jundt, Member, Compensation Committee, were present to give a monthly report.

After discussion, Kelly moved to approve and for the chairman to sign 1 classification review for the County Clerk and 4 classification reviews for the County Attorney. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Morgan Ellsbury, Road and Bridge Superintendent and Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Foreman, gave their monthly reports.

Bob moved to approve fourteen (14) Licenses for Use of County Road or Property for Gallatin Wireless Internet LLC dba Celerity Internet on Farrall Road No. 144, Queens Road No. 250, Sand Creek Road No. 129, Lower Redwater Creek Road No. 142, Redwater Road No. 115, Rifle Pit Road No. 108 and Homestake Road No. 195. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Adjourned for lunch at 12:02 o’clock p.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Jasmyne Bryant, Events Coordinator, Fair/Facilities and Katie Allen, Prevention Specialist, Public Health, gave monthly reports.

Tim Lyons, Planning Director, and Caleb Peters, Wastewater Specialist, County Planning, gave monthly reports.

Ed Robinson, Homeland Security County Coordinator and Charlie Harrison, County Fire Warden gave monthly reports.

Kelly moved to go in executive session according to 16-4-105(a)(iii). Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Back in regular session at 3:08 o’clock p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 3:10 o’clock p.m.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Steve Dietrich, Resident Engineer, Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), gave an update on bridge and road projects.

Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, continued his monthly report.

Bob moved per W.S. 18-3-515 to request that the County Clerk and County Treasurer submit their annual abstracts to the Board no later than September 30, 2024. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

After discussion, Bob moved to approve the updates to the Crook County Employee Handbook. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

After discussion, Bob moved to approve the following resolution:




WHEREAS a Petition was filed by Mark Busenitz, with the Board of County Commissioners to vacate County Road No. 197, known as the Jenkins Road, located upon the following described property, to-wit:

Resurvey Township 55 North, Range 68 West of the 6th P.M., Crook County, Wyoming

Section 5: S1/2NW1/4; N1/2SW1/4;

Section 6: S1/N1/2; NE1/4SE1/4;

Together with any Lots or Tracts included therein any other resurvey of the above described property;

WHEREAS an agreement has been entered into with Mark and Joan Busenitz to pay for the costs to commence proceedings to determine whether to vacate said county road; and

WHEREAS some of the landowners Mark and Joan Busenitz, affected by the vacation across their property have consented to the vacation, others have not; and

WHEREAS Wyoming Statute 24-3-101 et seq., allows any county road to be vacated in a manner provided by caselaw; and

WHEREAS a viewer was appointed pursuant to Wyoming Statute 24-3-105 and 106 who filed a written report with the Board of County Commissioners recommending the proposed route be vacated as petitioned;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that proceedings be commenced to determine whether or not to vacate a portion of County Road No. 197, set forth above pursuant to Wyoming Statute 24-3-101, et seq.

Dated this 3rd day of July 2024

Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman and Bob Latham, Member.

State of Wyoming }

County of Crook }

Signed or attested before me on July 3, 2024, by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman, and Bob Latham, Member, Board of Crook County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming.

Melissa Jones, Crook County Clerk

Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to go in executive session according to 16-4-105(a)(ii). Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Back in regular session at 9:49 o’clock a.m.

Soni Lampert, KLH, was present via Teams, for the monthly IT update. Also present were Jeff Hodge, Julie Crawford, Dan Thomas, Tammy Jundt and Joe Baron.

Bonnie Stahla, Library Director, gave a monthly report. Also present was Randy Leinen, Treasurer, Crook County Library Board.

Roger Connett, RER, Bridget Helms, Office Manager, CCNRD and Troy Bifulco, Vice President of Information and Technology Services, PreCorp gave updates.

Adjourned for lunch at 11:42 o’clock a.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Present for the budget work session were Jeff Hodge, Dan Thomas, Julie Crawford, Larry Schommer, Bonnie Stahla, Randy Leinen, Tammy Jundt and Joe Baron.

The Board of Crook County Commissioners is requesting bids for property insurance for a one-year term, starting August 15, 2024. All bids must be submitted to the Crook County Clerk, P.O. Box 37, Sundance, WY 82729, by or before July 15, 2024, at 5:00 o’clock p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 1:56 o’clock p.m. to meet in special budget session on July 15, 2024, at 9:00 o’clock a.m. in the Commissioner Room at the Courthouse in Sundance, Wyoming.

Fred M. Devish, Chairman

Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman

Bob Latham, Member Attested: Melissa Jones, County Clerk

Publish: July 11, 2024

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