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  • Connally to take town reins

    Grace Moore|May 23, 2024

    Cheryl Schneider will have worked as clerk/treasurer for Moorcroft for eight and a half years when she officially leaves on June 14. She started January 15, 2015 and has enjoyed the experience "very much". Accepting the role of Clerk/Treasurer was a bit outside of her know-how at first, though. "When I came here, I was really lost because it was nothing like I had experienced," the soon-to-be retired clerk says. "It's a lot of work, so many responsibilities as a clerk/treasurer, I had no idea."...

  • Police investigate crash at Rush Creek

    Grace Moore|May 23, 2024

    Early on Thursday morning, May 16, a black Dodge Ram 1500 was traveling south on Carr Road, south of the railroad tracks. The vehicle left the road as it approached Rush Creek, rolling at least one time over the three culverts on the east side of the lane before coming to rest on the driver's side in the ravine. The accident was reported by a passer-by going to work at approximately 4 a.m. and Moorcroft chief of police Bill Bryant responded by 4:30 a.m. to find the driver had abandoned the...

  • Crook County Sheriff

    May 23, 2024

    May 6 – Four VIN checks. Abandoned vehicle. Animal complaint. Assisted another agency. Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business checks. Citizen assist. Two EMS calls. Fire page. Information. Motorist assist. Suspicious person. Welfare check. Three traffic stops. May 7 – Two VIN checks. Traffic crash. Three alarms. Fire alarm. Motorist assist. Traffic hazard. May 8 – Three VIN checks. Animal complaint. EMS call. Mental health call. Four traffic stops. May 9 – Nine VIN checks. Six paper service. Two traffic stops. Business checks. Lost propert...

  • Circuit Court

    May 23, 2024

    Speeding – Jason Duren, Minot, ND, 85/80, $15; Kenneth Burrows, Lead, SD, 83/70, $125; Michael Ray Hooper, Sundance, WY, 75/65, $140; Tracy Nickisch, Gillette, WY, 78/65, $181; Adriel Dubray, Rapid City, SD, 66/45, $267; Alvaro Uriarte Salgado, Olympia, WA, 50/45, $65; Taylor E. Cleverdon, Newcastle, WY, 80/75, $15; Sarah Allen, Rapid City, SD, 80/75, $15; Joshua Brenner, Eagle Lake, MN, 80/75, $15; Adnan Khan, WA, 94/80, $130; Martin Steffes, Wisconsin Dells, WI, 80/75, $15 No Seat Belt (passenger) – Scott Lee Casler, Hulett, WY, $10 Exp...

  • Wyoming News Briefs

    Wyoming News Exchange Newspapers|May 23, 2024

    Grizzly attack in Grand Teton was ‘surprise encounter’ JACKSON (WNE) — A grizzly bear attacked and injured a man visiting Grand Teton National Park on Sunday. The 35-year-old Massachusetts man is in stable condition and expected to fully recover. Park officials have not released the victim’s name. The Jackson Hole Daily’s attempts to contact him were unsuccessful by press time Monday. Meanwhile, Grand Teton biologists and law enforcement rangers are investigating the incident, which occurred near Signal Mountain Lodge. While few details a...

  • UW Extension

    Sara Fleenor, UW Extension Educator|May 23, 2024

    Snakes are out and about now that the weather is warming up. The sentiment “the only good snake is a dead snake” is one that is repeated frequently. This article is not written by a snake lover; it comes more from a place of fear and loathing. However, I do understand snakes possess qualities that make them an important part of the ecosystem. Snakes help maintain balance in the food web. Snakes can be both predator and prey. When a large prey population attracts and sustains a large snake population, those snakes become prey for birds, mam...

  • What's happening at the Moorcroft Branch Library

    Serena Buckner|May 23, 2024

    Stop by the library to see the new garden boxes out front! These came from the community garden as it is being removed to make room for the new Food Pantry. The amazing volunteers who have worked to keep the garden going over the years provided their time and effort to move the boxes along with plants, decor and supplies to the library. Firesteel provided staff and equipment to move the dirt. The garden boxes already add beauty to our front entrance. Miss Lacey plans a future project with our youth patrons to paint a rock snake to add to the...

  • New broadband internet coming to town

    Grace Moore|May 16, 2024

    Mike Mores, senior manager of the Wyoming division of government affairs for Charter Communications/Spectrum, met with the governing bodies of Moorcroft and Pine Haven last week to discuss contracting the installation of fiberoptics into the municipalities via town easements in order to increase broadband, internet phone service and other benefits for customers. Many people are familiar with Spectrum, a cable company with offices in Gillette and many other communities across the nation. They... Full story

  • Moorcroft welcomes new officer

    Grace Moore|May 16, 2024

    Katie Plum has been riding with Moorcroft Police Chief Bill Bryant for the last week, learning the area, alerts, rules and a plethora of other important facets of being a good cop as she makes the transition from a Great Falls, MT corrections officer to a Moorcroft, WY patrol officer. The 35-year-old mother of three recently moved south to be closer to her sister, who resides in Gillette, with a plan. "When I originally got here," Plum stated as she sat for a few minutes during her ride-along...

  • Next steps on the path

    Grace Moore|May 16, 2024

    HDR Engineering's Mike Oakly brought Pine Haven's council up to date on the progress of the pedestrian path through the south part of town at last week's workshop. "In the feasibility study, we took the town's existing plan for future pathway projects and got it to about a 30% design," he said. After completing the study, Oakley reported, "WYDOT liked the way everything was progressing and the town has now received the newer grant to do the design of it." Following the advice of the state, HDR... Full story

  • Circuit Court

    May 16, 2024

    Speeding – Aaron McIver, Atlanta, GA, 90/80, $105; Melissa Yardley, Howell, MI, 85/80, $15; Issac Nordheim, Duluth, MN, 100/80, $160; Dominic Balzer, Bozeman, MT, 50/45, $15; Francisco Solis Bravo, Moreno Valley, CA, 101/80, $165; Katie Olson, Hermosa, SD, 80/75, $15; Robert W. Jennings, Cheyene, WY, 40/20, $170; Benjamin Tow, Des Moines, IA, 50/45, $15; (Truck) – Singh Armandeep, Mission, BC, Canada, 60/45, $430; Singh Guvir, Surry, BC, Canada, 63/45, $445 No Valid Title, Registration and License Plates – Reynaldo Rodriguez, Casper, WY, $250 E...

  • Moorcroft Police Department

    May 16, 2024

    On April 29, police were called to Moorcroft Secondary School for a student that was caught with a vape pen. Officer arrived and spoke with the principal and the student. Student was cited for Minor in Possession of Tobacco. On April 29, police served a trespass notice to an individual who was in an apartment without permission of the owner. On April 30, police assisted Moorcroft EMS and Crook County Sheriff’s Office on a report of a vehicle crash at the westbound 153 offramp on I-90. Officer assisted until scene was stable, nothing further. O... Full story

  • Municipal Court

    May 16, 2024

    Speeding: Hanna L. Sedlacek, Scribner, NE, 44/30, $188; Benjamin M. Abrahamson, Kenosha, WI, 44/30, $188; Jodine K. Longtine, Newcastle, WY, 44/30, $188; Donelle R. Norris, Moorcroft, WY, 28/20, $126; Shin Aoki, Greenwood, IN, 49/30, $223; Charles W. Sanders, Hampshire, IL, 44/30, $188; Taylor E, Nieskens, Maple Lake, MN, 27/20, $119; Abigail C. Harris, Andalusia, IL, 44/30, $188; John C. Jaecques, Fort Myers, FL, 46/30, $202; Alejandro D. Conde Arroyo, Los Lunas, NM, 44/30, $188; Amy London, Fresno, CA, 44/30, $188; Sean P. Riley, Nevada...

  • Wyoming News Briefs

    Wyoming News Exchange Newspapers|May 16, 2024

    Political community group hosts town hall with Prism Logistics CASPER (WNE) – Prism Logistics Manager Kyle True stepped into the spotlight Thursday to address a Liberty’s Place 4 U town hall meeting in Casper. True is seeking to build a gravel pit on state land at the base of Casper Mountain near Coates Road, and his plans have been met with fierce opposition, led primarily by residents in the surrounding area. Thursday’s town hall hosted by the political community group was one of the first public meetings to discuss the topic at which True...

  • Council asked to crack down on abandoned houses

    Grace Moore|May 9, 2024

    Moorcroft's derelict and abandoned houses and trailers are again the forefront of discussion among the town's elected officials and homeowners who have to live next to these properties. Many of these buildings are believed unsafe – gutted by fire, rodent infested, with rotting holes in the roof and floor, etc. and have continued to decay for several years with little to no interest from the owners. At a recent meeting of the town council, resident Sam Burke, fiancé Jerry Hildeman and ne...

  • Patch work

    Grace Moore|May 9, 2024

    When Moorcroft's Public Works Director Cory Allison and his crew noticed a loss of pressure in the Madison water line Wednesday morning, crewmen traveled along the pipeline and soon discovered water on the ground about halfway between town and the Madison well, east of Wind Creek Road, indicating a leak in the line. Allison called Travis Dewey, owner of Tri-City Excavation Inc. in Carlile, WY. "They dug it up and figured out what was wrong Wednesday afternoon and we had it going by noon on...

  • Poaching case leads to possession charges

    Sarah Pridgeon|May 9, 2024

    A Moorcroft woman faces felony possession charges after controlled substances were located at her home during a separate search related to a poaching case. On April 23, a Crook County Sheriff’s Office deputy executed a search warrant on a Moorcroft residence for the possession, manufacturing and consumption of marijuana and methamphetamine. The warrant was granted because controlled substances were located during a separate search warrant for a poaching case that was conducted by Wyoming Game & Fish. The occupant, Tracy McGee, allegedly e...

  • Crook County Sheriff's Office

    May 9, 2024

    April 29 – Six VIN checks. Two paper services. Citizens assist. Coroner call. Motorist assist. Rape report. Two traffic stops. Wanted person. April 30 – Three VIN checks. Traffic crash. Animal complaint. Business checks. Motorist assist. Three traffic stops. Wanted person. May 1 – VIN check. Assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol. Trespassing call. Prisoner transport. May 2 – Four VIN checks. Business checks. Information. Motorist assist. Prisoner transport. Eight traffic stops. Wanted person. Trespassing. Welfare check. May 3 – Five VIN checks. P...

  • Circuit Court

    May 9, 2024

    Speeding – Melissa Greenwood, Moorcroft, WY, 70/65, $65; Lyndon Bolt, Rapid City, SD, 85/75, $105; Heriberto Casimiro Gutierrez, Gillette, WY, 85/80, $15; Levi Rudloff Jordan, Aladdin, WY, 90/80, $105; Carlos Cabanas Padilla, Stamford, CT, 84/75, $103; Thermistoklis Bollanos, Farmingdale, NY, 83/65, $216; Gabrielle Martin, Spearfish, SD, 54/45, $133; Crystal A. Briggs, Sherman, TX, 94/75, $155 No Valid Driver’s License – Heriberto Casimiro Gutierrez, Gillette, WY, $140 Throw Burning Substance from Vehicle – (minor), Moorcroft, WY, $550...

  • 17,500 Wyoming enrollees lost Medicaid or Kid Care CHIP coverage over last year

    Madelyn Beck,|May 9, 2024

    More than 17,500 Wyoming enrollees lost Medicaid or Kids Care CHIP coverage over the previous 12 months ending March. That’s because the Wyoming Department of Health is performing its federally mandated eligibility review for the services. The state paused that annual effort during the pandemic while the feds temporarily bolstered Medicaid funds to help cover extra enrollees. Of those removed from the rolls, 12,380 — nearly 70% — lost access due to “procedural reasons,” like failing to return renewal paperwork. About three quarters of those...

  • Beautiful eggs Benedict

    Vicki Hayman, UW Community Vitality and Health Educator|May 9, 2024

    Eggs Benedict is a delicious dish consisting of an English muffin, poached egg, Canadian bacon and a homemade hollandaise sauce. This breakfast dish is the epitome of luxury! People are intimidated, most likely by poaching the eggs and making a hollandaise sauce. If you don’t know how to poach eggs or make hollandaise sauce, try learning new culinary skills. Eggs Benedict is easier than it looks! Plating the individual dish components while they are hot takes some planning. Here are the steps I recommend to do it: 1. Measure out the h...

  • Wyoming News Briefs

    Wyoming News Exchange Newspapers|May 9, 2024

    Average price of gasoline remains unchanged in last week in Wyoming CHEYENNE (WNE) — Average gasoline prices in Wyoming are unchanged in the last week, averaging $3.27 per gallon on Monday, according to GasBuddy. com’s survey of 494 stations in Wyoming. Prices in Wyoming are 0.3 cents per gallon higher than a month ago, and stand 8.0 cents per gallon lower than a year ago. According to GasBuddy price reports, the lowest price in the state on Sunday was $2.87 per gallon, while the highest was $4.19, a difference of $1.32. The national ave...

  • Celebrating clerks

    May 2, 2024

    The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) is celebrating the 55th annual Professional Municipal Clerks Week May 5-11. This celebration began in 1969 and takes place throughout the US, Canada and 15 other countries. The tradition has been reaffirmed over the decades by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as the importance of the service these individuals provide is recognized. Above, Pine Haven's Clerk/Treasurer Tammie McGovern and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Sondii Boggess. Below,...

  • Council talks budget wishes and woes

    Grace Moore|May 2, 2024

    Budget talks have officially begun and Moorcroft department heads have made their wish lists known. At the same time, the governing body must also look at the price raise of electricity feeding town owned properties. Mayor Ben Glenn later said of the council's budget focus with this growing concern, "We're trying to tighten up a little bit as we move forward. There are some large electrical costs we did not fully anticipate." Glenn went on, "Of course, with all of America, everything is going... Full story

  • Donated material softens situation

    Grace Moore|May 2, 2024

    Furthering their efforts to make the north baseball field an actual game ready facility next summer, the Moorcroft Town Council is working with RHEX of Wright, WY to truck an as-yet-undetermined number of tons of unused proppant material to the Westview Park, more than enough to cover the infield. The advantage of laying this product is, according to Mayor Ben Glenn, “[The ground] won’t be such a hard surface, it will be a little more granular so it’s a little softer.” Proppants are composed of sand or similar particulates used in frackin...

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