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Letter to the editor


July 2, 2020

Dear Editor,

You work hard you do the right thing and bam you get screwed! 

Why even bid a contract if you are not going to take the bids seriously? 

Really a bid is a good faith expectation by both parties, the bidder believes they will be given the bid if they are lower than their competitors, the Town bids to keep things fair and to be good stewards of the tax dollars they are spending. 

So why is the highest bid accepted over a 10% lower bid? The reason is they had good references and were well-liked? That being the case let’s just give the work and money to people we like or who others like and be done with it. The truth is they were the only ones that had any representation, with people advocating for them, so now we are back to square one, why bid it?

If the bid is going to be decided by who is there or not there to advocate for the bidders then just give it to the one that has the most friends show up. Really a poor way to make a decision on spending the town’s money. 

The Town Council has a hard enough job without making decisions based on feeling, they need to be cut and dried in their dealings. A bid is a bid win or lose, that is the nature of the process and for good reason, it keeps people fair and honest on both sides of the bid.


Alfred A. “Charlie” Britton


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