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Municipal fire ban

In the article “Fire danger prompts local bans”, located on the front page of the Moorcroft Leader last week, the governing body did not rescind the exception allowing residents within town limits to have open flames according to municipal law 13-304-15, “… small controlled fire contained in either a free standing nonflammable fire box or container or in a nonflammable enclosure on or in the ground which does not exceed ten square feet in size.”

No burning garbage, “Except when igniting the fire, only wood or commercial fireplace logs shall be burned, which shall be of such size as to fit completely within the fire box, fire container or… enclosure.”

“Except when tending the fire, the fire shall at all times be enclosed by nonflammable materials to prevent… burning outside the fire box… and sparks from the fire from becoming airborne.” The cover mentioned in this ordinance must fully encompass the circumference of the fire ring…

The ordinance also stated that the fire must AT ALL TIMES be attended by an adult (over 16 years of age).