The Voice of the Community Since 1909, Serving Moorcroft and Pine Haven, Wyoming

Card of Thanks

Thank You

As we close our door to the Royal Neighbors of America (RNA), Keyhole Camp members 10761, Pine Haven and Moorcroft and draw the final curtain, we want to thank all those who have been so much help since our inception in 1999.

If I were to set it all up as to whom Royal Neighbors are and what we do – it would be people helping people.

We started by funds available from our Belle Fourche Camp in South Dakota and formed the Keyhole Camp, Moorcroft and Pine Haven.

So much of our success is because of our merry Mary Hancock, now in the assisted living in Sundance.

$22,000 has been donated to matching funds over the years to help with clinics, fire trucks, buildings, parks and anything else that might’ve been needed and another $2000 per year of in-kind hours each quarter from our RNA volunteers, which went back to the community also, totaling over another $30,000.

So, people helping people in times of need are what RNA is and does.

Thank you RNA, and all your volunteers, for all your help from my heart.

Char Betts

Keyhole Camp President

Pine Haven

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