The Voice of the Community Since 1909, Serving Moorcroft and Pine Haven, Wyoming

Circuit Court

Speeding – Ricky Buchanan, Gillette, WY, 57/45, $120; Colton Gray, Gillette, WY, 89/75, $130; Miroslaw Gruszkos, Wallingford, CT, 86/70, $140; Kyle Slinkard, Hebron, ND, 90/80, $105; Kyle S. Wood, Rozet, WY, 83/70, $125

Fail to Obey Traffic Control Device – Mitchel L. Hopper, Rapid City, SD, $150

Expired Temporary License Permit/Improper Registration – Trent Olson, Spearfish, SD, $140

Child Safety Restraint System Violation – Jeffrey Lehtola, Hancock, MI, $80

Pass in No Passing Zone – Megan Ward, Beaverton, OR, $140

Leaking, Spilling, Blowing or Falling Cargo – Roger Laee Anton, Gillette, WY,...