The Voice of the Community Since 1909, Serving Moorcroft and Pine Haven, Wyoming

Crook County Sheriff's Office

May 22 – Five VIN checks. Four traffic stops. Five paper services. Assist another agency. Fingerprints. Two motorist assists. Minor in possession. Two business checks. Animal complaint.

May 23 – VIN check. Two traffic stops. Two paper services. Three EMS pages. Accident. Two traffic hazards. Two business checks. Found property. Prisoner transport.

May 24 – Five VIN checks. Two traffic stops. Coroner call. Information. Welfare check. Two traffic hazards. Intoxication. Two assists to another agency. Animal bite. Suspicious. Two EMS pages.

May 25 – Four VIN checks. Six traffic stops. Paper service. Two EMS pages. Fingerprints. Prisoner transport. Traffic complaint. Motorist assist. Suspicious. Fire. Two assists to another agency. REDDI report. Intoxication. Information.

May 26 – Two VIN checks. Six traffic stops. Paper service. Assist to Wyoming Highway Patrol. Suspicious circumstance. Motorist assist. House watch. Citizen assist. Assist to Keyhole Park. Civil standby. Four EMS pages.

May 27 – VIN check. Twelve traffic stops. Paper service. Juvenile complaint. Animal complaint. Citizen assist. Vehicle lockout. Assist to Road and Bridge. Business check. House watch. Traffic hazard. DUI arrest. Runaway juvenile.

May 28 – VIN check. Five traffic stops. Two crashes; no injuries. Two citizen assists. Assist to Wyoming Highway Patrol. Theft report. Suspicious circumstance.

May 29 – Five traffic stops. Disturbance. Unconsciousness. Project Life Saver. House watch. Suspicious. Accident. Traffic hazard. Assist other agency. Animal complaint.

May 30 – Eight VIN checks. Seven traffic stops. Two paper services. Motorist assist. Two house watches. Escort. Two citizen assists. Information. Two sets fingerprints. Property damage. Traffic hazard. Business check.

May 31 – Five VIN checks. Traffic stops. Prisoner transport. Two EMS pages. Fingerprints. Accident. Business check.

June 1 – Six VIN checks. Two traffic stops. Paper service. Three business checks. Theft. Two assists to other agencies. Three sets fingerprints. Traffic hazard. Welfare check.

June 2 – Six VIN checks. Five traffic stops. Abandoned vehicle. Two traffic crashes. Animal complaint. Assist Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business checks. Civil standby. House watches. Funeral escort.

June 3 – Ten traffic stops. Two traffic crashes. Alarm. House watches. Motorist assist. Two EMS calls.

June 4 – VIN check. Six traffic stops. Four assists to other agencies. EMS call. Citizen assist. Missing person. Property damage. REDDI report. Traffic complaint.

Inmates – Eleven males.