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Brick by brick

The LEGO Guy (Curtis Mork) visited the West Texas Museum Tuesday, to the delight of local LEGO® fans, young and old alike.

Mork has been to Moorcroft a few times through recent years and has become an awaited favorite, entertaining guests with his knowledge of LEGO history and series among other details not widely known.

"Most don't know how long LEGO has been around and how it's grown; I like to educate them a little bit," he says.

In 2006, Mork started collecting and came to the notice of his local library; they asked him to present a LEGO show for the youngsters and the rest is his own history.

Living in Platteville, CO, the LEGO Guy now travels as far north as Plentywood, MT and as far east as western Wisconsin. He works a month-long circuit when he does travel such distances.

Mork is part of a LEGO club called COWLUG and has been enjoying this way of life for 15 years. Mork hopes to continue as long as he is able.