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Pursuant to Section 15-1-110, Wyoming Statutes Annotated, 2023 Edition, as amended the following Salaries of the Town of Moorcroft Employees are hereby published:


Mayor $6000.00 Ben Glenn

Mayor/Council Member $2700.00 Dale Petersen

Council Member $2850.00 Austin Smith

Council Member $1350.00 Dusty Petz*

Council Member $1650.00 Paul Smoot*

Council Member $1200.00 Robert Stewart*

Council Member $1050.00 Heidi Humpal*

Municipal Judge $4200.00 Bruce Brown

Chief of Police $75000.00 $ 5291.77 William Bryant

Clerk Treasurer $68000.00 $ 846.59 Cheryl Schneider

Public Works Director $75000.00 $ 607.18 Cory Allison

Police Officer $49920.00 $ 13298.00 Nick Curley

Police Officer $ 5280.00 Trayton Dawson*

Police Officer $38620.48 Daniel Latham*

Police Officer $ 2050.00 Douglas Lundborg*

Police/Court Clerk $42536.00 $ 896.35 Jesse Connally

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer $36358.40 $ 1562.31 Jodi Clark

PTF Office Clerk $ 402.00 Peggy Fraser*

PW Maintenance $46987.20 $ 6748.61 Scott Green

PW Maintenance $52000.00 $ 6863.48 Cody Amende

PW Maintenance $43659.20 $ 8343.92 Dave Elliott

PW Landfill $ 660.00 Richard Reed*

PW Summer Maintenance $ 5230.50 Rowdy Pfeil*

PW Summer Maintenance $ 990.00 Wyatt Cook*

All salaries are listed are actual annual wages of all full time employees, part time employees, elected officials, and seasonal employees including overtime paid and on call time through the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2023 and not including any fringe benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, or pension plans paid by the Town.

*Employees/Elected Officials that did not work a complete fiscal year.

**Includes on call as well as overtime

Cheryl Schneider, Clerk Treasurer

Town of Moorcroft

Publish: August 1, 2023

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