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Moorcroft revisits policy on water meters for mobile home parks

A workshop will be held at Moorcroft’s town hall Monday night, October 23, at 6 p.m., to discuss the viability of the town purchasing water meters for individual rental units within the mobile home parks as well as the apartment buildings that have not already complied with the suggestion.

The town is again considering the possibility of buying and installing water meters to cover each apartment and mobile home tenement in Moorcroft and billing the property owners for the site-specific costs.

This issue has been reiterated through the years and, as the realization of individual meters for these establishments seems to come closer, the council will be exploring options.

Councilwoman Heidi Humpal, who is also a rental property owner, later shared her thoughts on this matter: “[We’ll] be exploring options that are better solutions for one metered multi-use properties.”

She spoke to her concerns about possible costs, saying, “The cost to the town to meter all the one-metered multi-use properties would be upwards of a few hundred thousand dollars to do.”

Humpal has opined that the installation of individual meters would not be a realistic solution for Moorcroft and hopes to discuss candidly easier and less expensive solutions at this workshop.

The councilwoman has contacted nearby municipalities as to their solutions and will bring these options to the meeting.