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Cautions steps for animal ordinance

Council and police chief look to update rules for owning multiple animals

Considering the kennel laws within town limits, Moorcroft Police Chief Bill Bryant has begun condensing and clarifying the applicable ordinance for the council’s further attention.

Tuesday morning, the chief took a moment to speak to the reason for his attention in this matter.

“We’ve got the kennel that’s potentially coming in plus looking ahead if anybody else wanted to try later we might as well have something in place now. If they have a lot of dogs, obviously it just gives us a tool so if we do have that problem, we at least have something to address… I really don’t see any potential issues right now, it’s just a general cautionary step,” he says.

He recently discussed with the council amending the ordinance to increase the law’s effectiveness.

“There are two options on 2-111; the first one is just labeled Hobby Kennel,” he says.

“Just renaming the old ordinance that was for keeping more than three animals…the second one is Hobby and Commercial.”

As he went through the aged ordinance, the chief also struck much of chapter two regarding livestock (cattle drives, etc.) moving through town as the pertinent part of not owning livestock in town limits is addressed in the first section.

The other aspect of change to said municipal law is the licensing fees for dogs, cats and kennels. The council will be able to adjust these costs by resolution in future.

Further conversation was had at Wednesday’s workshop before decisions will be made at the next council meeting.