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Wolves improving


The Wolves' basketball coach, Nick Redden, was impressed with the heart of his Wolves this weekend.

"Massive improvements against Glenrock. They stared off big on us, but the boys definitely came back huge from the first time we played them and things went well, we controlled everything we didn't control before," he says.

"We did run into some serious foul problems, but we got it back to a very reasonable range where we could have brought the game back to the winning side of it, but with the foul trouble and three starters fouling out, it didn't happen."

Redden has particular praise for the younger players.

"My young guys stepped up big on this one because the game had completely gotten away. I'm very proud of our bench play. Even with some high foul count, they still played very smart basketball the second half," he says.

"I am definitely proud of the guys."

Final score was Moorcroft 52, Glenrock 70.


Coach Matthew Albertson is satisfied with how the Lady Wolves played at the weekend game.

"The Wolf Pack tried to herd the Herders, but came up a little short," he says. "To start off, I had a learning experience with my starting line-up, which impacted the game."

Overall, Albertson believes the girls played very well and would say it was their best game of the season.

"Elise Kuhbacher and Kaeley Hutchison both had double doubles in scoring and rebounds. Lani Gill played very well offensively, as well as London McCrea and her defense," he says.

"Ciara Fenner stepped up when we needed her to, and Natalee Scribner was a contributor in our press. There are still a lot of things to get dialed in, but this was a big confidence booster for these girls moving forward."

The girls came close, finishing the game with a score of 50-55.

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