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Moorcroft Police Report

November 25 - December 1


December 5, 2019

On November 25, police received a dog complaint. Owners of the animals were spoken to about the situation. Nothing further at this time.

On November 27, police received a call about an open door at a residence. Officer responded and found the open door. Officer made a check of the residence to ensure there was no criminal activity taking place as there did not appear to be anyone home. Officer then made contact with the home owner and requested they meet at the residence to check for possible missing items. Owner arrived and checked home. Nothing appeared to be missing but did advise that there were pry marks on the door that were not there before. Officer took pictures of the damage to the door.

On November 28, police received a call about an open door at a church. Officer responded and found one of the doors to be open. Officer entered and checked the building for anything or anyone suspicious. Officer found no one inside and no signs of forced entry. Officer secured the door and cleared.

On November 28, police were called to a fire alarm at Pinnacle Bank. The cause of the fire alarm was found and officer cleared the call.

On November 29, police assisted Moorcroft Ambulance Service and Moorcroft Fire Department with a lift assist.

On November 30, police found a dog walking along Powder River Ave. Officer was able to locate the dog’s owners due to its Moorcroft animal tag and the officer returned the dog to its home.

On November 30, police were contacted regarding an animal issue. Officer arrived and were told two lab dogs had gotten through their fence and had gone after the complainant’s dogs. Dogs were in the complainant’s garage and were not aggressive. Officer was able to make contact with the owner of the dogs and the complainant stated they did not want citations issued. The owner of the labs came and picked up his dogs. Nothing further.

Stats: Three traffic warnings, one fingerprinting, one crosswalk/school zone, seven business checks, two assist to other agency, two VIN check, three house watches, two suspicious activities, six extra patrol, three animal calls

Citations Issued: Gary A. Jones, Casper, WY, Speeding 26/20 – School Zone


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