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Moorcroft Police Report

April 20-26


May 7, 2020

On April 20, police assisted Moorcroft Ambulance Service on an emergency call.

On April 21, police were contacted in reference to suspicious activity around a residence in town. Officers checked the area and spoke to the reporting party. Officers will keep an eye on the property.

On April 21, police conducted a civil standby while a landlord posted an eviction notice.

On April 21, police were contacted in reference to two dogs running at large. Officers went to the home of the animals and no one was home. Door was open to home and that is how dogs got out. Officer put dogs back inside the home and closed the door.

On April 21, police were contacted to do a welfare check on a local resident. Officer contacted the resident and all was well. Officer advised the concerned party.

On April 22, police were contacted by a resident who was requesting to be taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation as they were unable to find a ride. Officer gave courtesy ride to hospital.

On April 22, police assisted Crook County SO by stopping a REDDI vehicle on Pine Haven Road. Driver was not intoxicated, may have been having minor medical issues but driver refused to have medical personnel check on him.

On April 23, police assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol with stolen vehicle and stolen property recovery.

On April 23, police received a report of a woman at the rest area who needed assistance. Officer went to the area and met the woman who denied needing any assistance. Officer gave her information on who she could contact or where she could go if she changed her mind.

On April 24, while patrolling officer heard REDDI report headed toward Moorcroft on I-90. Officer went up and waited for the vehicle and found it headed toward the Coffee Cup exit. Officer followed the vehicle into the Coffee Cup parking lot and contacted the driver. Driver was not intoxicated.

On April 25, police were contacted in reference to destruction of property. The back window of a Buick Verano was completely shattered and there was a large hole in the window. Officer was unable to find anything in or around the vehicle that was obvious as the cause of the damage. Victim did not see anyone do it or have any idea who may have done the damage.

Stats: Two traffic warnings, 13 business checks, one civil issue, two background checks, one destruction of property, 11 extra patrols, two REDDI reports, three assists to other agencies, one drug search, one fingerprinting, one records check, one recovered property, one suicide related call, three welfare check

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April 26 - May 3

On April 27, police conducted a funeral escort.

On April 28, police assisted Wyoming Highway Patrol with traffic control for a semi-truck that was broke down. The truck was blocking both lanes on the access road for I-90.

On April 28, police found an open door during random checks. Officer cleared the building, found nothing out of sorts, secured the doors and notified the building manager. Nothing further.

On April 28, police assisted Moorcroft Ambulance Service on an emergency call.

On May 1, police were contacted in reference to a missing dog. While patrolling, officer kept an eye out for the dog. A short time later the owner called and the dog had been found.

On May 1, police received a report of a suspicious person parked behind the bank. Officer contacted the person who stated they were parked there using their laptop in the shade of the building. Officer ran the subject for wants and warrants. Subject had valid drivers license and no warrants. Officer explained why he was reported as suspicious to law enforcement, subject advised he would not do that again.

On May 2, police were contacted about a child custody issue. Officer advised that he could do a civil standby for a child exchange if needed. Nothing further at this time.

Stats: Two traffic warnings, 24 business checks, one civil issue, two suspicious activities, one funeral escort, 15 extra patrols, two assists to other agencies, one custody issue, one lost property, one open door/window found, one VIN check

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