The Voice of the Community Since 1909, Serving Moorcroft and Pine Haven, Wyoming

School Menu


May 24: Oatmeal breakfast bar, orange, string cheese

May 25: Omelet, mango, chex

May 26: Assorted breakfast bars, strawberries, apple chips

May 27: Cereal, cinnamon toast, peaches, juice


May 24: Taco salad, burrito, lettuce, tomato, orange

May 25: Orange chicken, rice, broccoli, pineapple, rice crispy treat

May 26: Hot dog on a bun, strawberries, fruit roll up, peas & carrots

May 27: Sack lunch, uncrustable, carrots, chips, apple

Grab N Go

May 24: Cereal, apple, juice, yogurt

May 25: Oatmeal breakfast bar, string cheese, orange

May 26: Bagel mini, apple, scooby snacks

May 27: N...