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Public Meeting

Town of Moorcroft

Public Meeting

Monday, November 22, 2021

Town Council Present: Mayor Pro Tem Ben Glenn, Councilmen Dale Petersen, and Paul Smoot

Absent: Mayor Clell Claar and Councilman Austin Smith

Town Representatives Present: Deputy Clerk Jodi Clark, HDR Engineer Heath Turbiville

Public meeting was open at 6:45pm to allow the citizens to review and comment on a project for park improvements and adding a splash pad. The Town is submitting an application to The Land Water Conservation Fund Grant, that is through the Wyoming State Parks and Culture Resources, to do a splash park and park improvements at Noonan Park. This project is a 50% grant. No public comments or concerns, Mayor Pro Tem Glenn adjourned the meeting at 6:54pm

Ben Glenn, Mayor Pro Tem


Jodi Clark, Deputy Clerk

Publish: December 2, 2021

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