The Voice of the Community Since 1909, Serving Moorcroft and Pine Haven, Wyoming

Moorcroft School Menu


May 23: Muffin, mandarin oranges, cheese stick

May 24: Breakfast sandwich, fruit

May 25: Biscuit & gravy, watermelon, egg

May 26: Cereal, toast, peaches, juice


May 23: Corn dog, cucumbers, orange, tater tots

May 24: Chicken patty, chips, green beans, strawberries

May 25: Burrito, corn, apple, cookie

May 26: Sack lunch, uncrustable, chips, carrots, apple, scooby snacks

Grab N Go

May 23: Cereal, apple, juice, yogurt

May 24: Oatmeal breakfast bar, string cheese, orange

May 25: Bagel mini, apple, scooby snacks

May 26: Uncrustable, pudding, craisins...