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Cleaning lift stations

Concern was recently expressed by a Pine Haven resident over the capacity and capability of the lift stations currently in place on Boe Drive to deal with the installation of the new sewer line in the near future (these lift stations pump wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation).

When this question was put to Public Works Director Sean Glasser, he wanted to assure those who live in the area covered by the Boe Drive lifts that the pumps are designed to carry the added load of future housing and are working well right now.

To mitigate any potential problems and facilitate an annual maintenance program for the town’s stations and manholes, the director has been authorized to begin exploring possible assistance from Moorcroft’s Public Works Director Cory Allison and the department’s hydro-vac truck to clean and check lines this year as well as talk with HDR Engineering’s Heath Turbiville to find additional useful suggestions.