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Wolves at Scott Hardy Memorial

The Moorcroft Wolves went to Wright to compete in the Scott Hardy Memorial.

In the running events, in the Lady's 100 Meter Dash, London McCrea earned Third Place with a 14.72 finish; Lani Gill earned points with her seventh place finish of 15.49; Melibe Downey finished in 17.32; and Kylee Keller-Decoteau finished 18.52.

In the men's race, Dima Haskell earned fourth place with a 13.10 finish; Oliver Gorsuch finished in 13.83; William Ripley finished in 13.88; Lathan Dewey finished in 14.10; and Brayden Keller-Decoteau finished in 14.75.

In the 200 Meter Dash races, London earned more points wit...