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 By Jeron Smith    News    May 13, 2021

Lagoon project nears completion

RCS continues work on the final construction items at the lagoon. This includes mechanical, electrical and interior finishing work on the new chlorination building as well as other small...

 By Jeron Smith    News    April 29, 2021

Lagoon work coming along

RCS is finishing the installation of six new slide gates inside the existing vaults at the lagoon, giving the town’s operators more control over the flow around the lagoon. In addition to this,...

 By Jeron Smith    News    April 1, 2021

Graveling roadway and finishing riprap

Veris, the subcontractor performing the sludge removal for RCS, plans to return to Moorcroft to finish sludge removal for the lagoon cell 3 this week. While this happens, RCS continues to place rip...

 By Jeron Smith    News    March 18, 2021

Building sites taking shape

At the Moorcroft lagoon, RCS continues to work on the rebar and mechanical work for the new chlorination building as weather permits. Additionally, they continue to work on the contact chambers,...

 By Jeron Smith    News    March 11, 2021

End in sight for the lagoon project

RCS continues to backfill around the contact chambers on the north side of the project. At the same time, they continue the concrete work for the chlorination building using the existing structure on the new pad. This building will house the...

 By Jeron Smith    News    March 4, 2021

Picking up the pace

RCS completed the concrete pouring for the inverts on the inside walls on both the east and west contact chambers of the lagoon on Monday and are nearing completion for the rip rap install around...

 By Jeron Smith    News    February 25, 2021

Warmer weather restarts work at lagoon

On Friday, RCS poured concrete for both the East and West contact chamber walls. After curing, they will begin stripping the forms for the walls at the end of the week. They continue to work on the...

 By Jeron Smith    News    February 11, 2021

Temperatures may freeze out RCS

RCS continues to work on the rip rap for lagoon cell 1 as well as the rebar for the eastern contact chamber. They are prepping for concrete pouring for both chambers at the end of the week, but will reschedule for a warmer date depending upon the...

 By Jeron Smith    News    February 4, 2021

Getting ready for walls at the lagoon

RCS continues to work on the rebar in preparation for concrete pouring. They currently plan to pour the walls for the chambers next week. At the same time, they continue to work on the rip rap for...

 By Jeron Smith    News    January 21, 2021

Pouring concrete and backfilling

RCS continues work on the contact chambers at the lagoon. The formwork for the walls of the chambers will begin this week in preparation for concrete pouring. Additionally, the chemical piping...

 By Jeron Smith    News    January 7, 2021

Excavating at the lagoon

Cell one’s liquid level continues to rise from the weekend. Before RCS can work on the aeration laterals for the remaining cell, they must allow for the lagoon to reach a capacity that is most...

 By Jeron Smith    News    December 24, 2020

Starting on the chlorination building

This week at the lagoon, RCS is excavating for the chlorination building and the contact chambers. If weather permits, they plan on starting the concrete foundation for the contact chamber and will move onto the foundation for the chlorination...

 By Jeron Smith    News    December 17, 2020

Moving forward with clean-up

Sludge removal for lagoon cell one is nearing completion. Veris, the subcontractor performing this operation, was finished by the end of the week. After this, RCS will perform the same process as the...

 By Jeron Smith    News    December 10, 2020

Aeration started on cell two

The aeration laterals for lagoon cell 2 are now properly under operation after training for the blower equipment was held for the Moorcroft Public Works crew last Wednesday. This week, the remaining material at the bottom of lagoon cell one is going...

 By Jeron Smith    News    November 26, 2020

Repairs stop work

Veris, the subcontractor performing the solids removal, is repairing their track hoe this week. They need to complete these repairs before they can continue on with solids removal on lagoon cell 1. They will pick back up on work after Thanksgiving...

 By Jeron Smith    News    November 19, 2020

Finishing work on lagoon cell two

The lagoon progress is going well and as scheduled. Both the aeration laterals and diffusers have been installed for lagoon cell two. This equipment had a test run with the new blowers on Tuesday....

 By Jeron Smith    News    November 12, 2020

Piping installed at lagoon

Muck removal finished on Friday of last week for lagoon cell two. Now that the solids have been cleared, the aeration piping and equipment are being installed. Once this has been completed, the...

 By Jeron Smith    News    November 5, 2020

Lagoon update

Muck removal began Monday for lagoon cell two and was completed by Wednesday. During this time, the process piping for the aeration equipment as well as the roof for the blower building was also...

 By Jeron Smith    News    October 29, 2020

Lagoon Project update

The new aeration blowers for both lagoon cells have been installed to the foundation in the blower building. Process piping for the new equipment will soon be installed for aeration on lagoon cell 2....

 By Jeron Smith    Social    October 1, 2020

Lagoon Project update

RCS has been installing piping for the new aeration system this week for both cells 1 and 2. It is ready to be connected once the sludge has been removed and new blowers installed. Sludge removal...


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